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[Special Feature] Femcare & Femtech [Hall 3]

Discover the Latest in Femcare & Femtech at Beauty World Japan Osaka!

"Femcare" refers to products and services for women's health, blending "Feminine" and "Care." "Femtech," on the other hand, combines "Female" and "Technology" and focuses on tech solutions for women's health.

Companies are increasingly presenting Femcare and Femtech products tailored to women's needs, such as menstrual pain relief, cycle prediction, pregnancy comfort, fertility solutions, and menopause support.

Seminars will cover topics like managing irregular periods, nutrition, gut health, and intimate care.

This event offers a chance to gather insights on the growing women's health market.

Following its debut at Beauty World Japan Tokyo in May, the Femcare & Femtech Zone, "Fem more," is now at Beauty World Japan Osaka. We'll continue to watch these trends closely.


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