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Hair and nail stage seminars

Venue: Hall 1 Hair and Nail Stage
Free of charge / No pre-registration necessary / 100 seats

  • All sessions will be conducted in Japanese
  • Movies, photos, sound recordings are forbidden
  • Programme may alter

16 October (Mon)

Discover the Art of Achieving the Ultimate Fade Cut Technique with WAHL Clippers and Understand the Essential Benefits of Men's Haircut for Successful Salon Management.

Recommended for : Hairstylist and Beautician

Instructor:WAHL Educator

  • Official WAHL Educator for Top Clipper Manufacturer
  • A leading figure in men's haircutting, serving as an Official WAHL Educator and conducting numerous speaking engagements

Message to Visitors :

We aim to easily convey various cutting techniques and perspectives that break away from conventional norms, utilizing the WAHL clippers. We welcome hairstylists and salon owners to join us and discover these innovative approaches. Please be sure to attend!

Introducing the atelier Rond's depth-enhancing art for 2023 Autumn/Winter. We will delve into each step of creating depth and provide a detailed explanation of the process.

Recommended for : Nail artist


  • atelier Rond Owner and Nail Artist
  • Top Influencer at HBAZ

Message to visitors : 

Depth art, which is immensely popular on social media, offers a great opportunity for increasing service prices due to its intricate process. This artistic creation is cherished by clients for its aesthetic value. We encourage you to master this technique and offer it to your clients for a unique and delightful experience.

Recently, men's beauty has been gaining more and more attention. Our guests include Mr. Kimura from 'fifth,' who is making rapid progress with his expertise in men's perms, and "CiiK" Mr. Miyanaga from the men's cosmetic brand 'RETØUCH,' which is experiencing rapid growth. The discussion will be facilitated by Mr. Chiba from 'Recruit.' We will talk about the trends in men's beauty, strategies for increasing salon revenue, and the potential success of the upcoming collaboration salon between 'fifth' and 'RETØUCH.' Join us for a comprehensive conversation on men's beauty!

Recommended for : All industries


Instructor : Tomoyuki Chiba

  • Recruit Co., Ltd. / Hot Pepper Beauty Academy - Academy Director
  • Joined the company in 2005 after working at a major construction company. In the current position since 2013.

Instructor : Masato Kimura

  • fifth group's CMO

Masato Kimura, has garnered overwhelming support from men and achieved the prestigious GOLD award at the HOT PEPPER Beauty AWARD 2023, showcasing their popularity among male customers.

Instructor : Eito Miyanaga

  • CiiK Co., Ltd. / CEO

Operates men's cosmetic brand 'RETØUCH' and works as a freelance beautician. Has 210,000 subscribers on YouTube!"

Message to visitors :

How to increase spending and satisfaction for male customers? Explore insights from the latest Hot Pepper Beauty Academy customer survey to uncover the potential of the men's market through data.

Discover the comprehensive details of the innovative venture: "fifth×RETØUCH Collaborative Salon," a combination of in-shop and hair salon concepts. Get a full picture of this new challenge and find tips that directly impact salon revenue!

Demystifying the complex image of hair straightening (straight perm): by quantifying ambiguous aspects, we can offer a simple and low-failure menu. revealing Mr. Hatakeyama's method for achieving beautifully straightened hair regardless of the hair's condition, including damaged or historically treated hair. This systematized approach is perfect for staff training within salons.

Recommended for : Hairstylist and Beautician

Instructor:Ryosuke Hatakeyama

  • Representative Lian

In 2011, 'Lian' was established in Sendai City. Adhering to the motto of 'practical field-oriented approach,' not only as a salon worker but also through diverse activities including cutting, coloring, perming, and hair straightening, over 120 seminars are conducted nationwide annually. Additionally, involvement in product and beauty equipment development showcases a dedication to real-world pursuit. The online salon 'Glad I Did It – Leane's Straightening Method' has amassed an astounding membership of over 1500 individuals.

17 October (Tue)

RYUSEI, who is actively engaged as a multifaceted "fastest hairstylist," currently manages 8 salons. He will be showcasing his talents on the BWJ stage, revealing his bleach color design techniques surpassing level 18, his mindset that has set industry records as the fastest hairstylist at the age of 26, and the secrets behind his self-branding. As a hairstylist representing Generation Z, don't miss his performance at BWJ!

Recommended for  : Hairstylist and Beautician


  • PELE owner 
  • Beleza Representative
  • LINDO TOKYO Producer

- Achieved the "Fastest in the Industry" status with two book publications: "BIYOSHIFT" and "KAMI CHARISMA"

- Earned two stars as a stylist with "Fastest in the Industry" acclaim
- Set the "Youngest in the Industry" record by achieving over 10.5 million yen in monthly color technique sales at the age of 23 with just 3 years of experience as a hairstylist
- Currently has over 103,000 followers on Instagram
- Pursued beauty education at the world-renowned SASOON salon in the UK
- Ranked as the number one choice by fellow hairstylists and beauty students

At the age of 23, Haruki Minato is rapidly updating the beauty industry landscape. He has expanded beauty salons across major cities nationwide, launched separate brands, and ventured into product development. What is it that draws hairstylists of all ages to gather around him, eager to walk the path together? "HARUKI MINATO" is causing a revolution in the beauty industry by rapidly growing and involving those around him.

Recommended for : Hairstylist and Beautician

Instructor:Haruki Minato

  • CEO of scratcH Co., Ltd.

Born in the year 2000 in Toyama Prefecture, Haruki Minato is currently 23 years old. Despite his young age, he manages the boutique hair salon chain "HARUKI MINATO JAPAN" with 10 locations across Japan, with plans to expand to a total of 11 stores by the end of 2023. He's also planning to launch other brands, including the salon brand "HAIR" catering to young hairstylists. In January 2023, he introduced the hair care brand "HARUKI MINATO" and has been actively involved in product development and sales.

Incorporating Highly-Requested Art into Salon Work: Adding a Sample of kyoko's Speedy and Artistic Touch. Learn while enjoying kyoko's fast-paced and artistic approach, bringing happiness to both clients and yourself!

Recommended for : Nail artist


  • Brand Producer of effrontee tokyo
  • Certified Head Instructor at Japan Nailist Association

A nail artist who shines on the center stage, actively participating in various events such as LeChat Gel Iguana seminars, and the 2023 JNA Trend Designer. She excels in event stages, fashion magazine photoshoots, art seminars, online salons, and product development. She also handles nail art for models and actresses. Her accolades include numerous wins in domestic and international nail art contests.

She also offers consulting on establishing personal salons and branding strategies.


Upstyling Seminar 2023

Conducted in a live format on stage, this seminar will cover design principles and hair asset techniques. Participants will learn creative hair arrangement skills that can be applied to salon work, including both practical hair styling and creative hair creations. The seminar's message aims to enhance motivation by helping participants master set techniques and elevate their sense of aesthetics. It's a seminar designed to boost motivation and improve skills in upstyling and hair artistry.

Recommended for : Hairstylist and Beautician

Instructor:Tadao Arai

  • Representative of FEERIE
  • Arai Tadao Excellence Inc. / Genuin Inc. 
  • President of National Arai Association for Beauty Research

A prominent hair and makeup artist who appears in various media and events. The mastermind behind "FÉERIE." Has authored 21 books with a combined circulation of approximately 300,000 copies. In January 2022, opened an online salon. With approximately 840 stage appearances and about 7,350 practical training sessions, the total number of attendees has surpassed 525,000.


18 October (Wed)

Everyone, what is head spa?

Just like cutting or coloring, head spa also has logical theories and techniques. In order to solve your customers' concerns, there are always "result-oriented techniques" as well as "techniques to avoid." Through this seminar, we will share head massage techniques and salon menu creation that are committed to delivering results.

Recommended for : Hairstylist, Beautician and Esthetician

Instructor:Tatsuya Yamazaki


・BOLANGE・Hifive Representative / Master of Head Spa

Captivated by the potential of head spa, BOLANGE Head Spa Salon was opened in 2014. In 2018, the Hifive beauty salon was established, and in 2021, responding to customer demand, a fully exclusive head spa salon was opened in Minato Ward, Tokyo. With a unique and unparalleled head spa that guarantees results, it has garnered support from prominent individuals. Currently, active in two locations: Ashiya City, Hyogo Prefecture, and Minato Ward, Tokyo.

Message to Visitors :

Hello everyone! I'm Tatsuya Yamazaki, a Head Spa Artist. In this seminar, I will wholeheartedly share the unique head spa that I have been relentlessly pursuing. I sincerely hope that both hairstylists and estheticians will join us for this event.

We will explain how sculpted art can expand its horizons beyond the traditional concepts of "lengthening" and "reinforcement," showcasing the possibilities through techniques like in-gel application and embedding.

Recommended for : Nail artist


  • nailsalon wiz Owner Nailist
  • HBAZ Influencer

Messeage to visitors :

Acrylic nails have been making a comeback lately. With sculpting, you can achieve a mesmerizing depth that's unique to it. Just by adding one, the overall quality elevates significantly, setting you apart from other salons. We strongly encourage you to learn and apply this technique to enhance your salon work.

Eyebrows are a crucial part that determine 80% of the impression of your face. Just by changing your eyebrows, you can make your features more distinct, create the illusion of a smaller face, and reduce the appearance of facial asymmetry. Your whole face can look remarkably harmonious. In this seminar, we will introduce eyebrow theory that transforms the face through eyebrows and the latest eyebrow makeup techniques. Learn about "Eyebrow Design Theory to Accentuate Bone Structure," "Balancing with Other Facial Features," "Secrets to Achieving Symmetry," "Cutting-edge Eyebrow Trends," and much more!

Recommended for : Eyelists, Hairstylist, Beautician, Estheticians

Instructor:Maiko Tamamura

  • Eyebrow Advisor
  • Introducing the theory of "Eyebrow Makeup Based on Bone Structure and Muscles," holding the eyebrow technician qualification "Browtist®"

Through seminars and writing activities, I introduce the theory behind eyebrow design and makeup based on bone structure and muscles. I also supervise various eyebrow features for magazines and other media. I oversee the Eyebrow Design Course and serve as an instructor at 'PGC Schools.' I hold the eyebrow technician qualification 'Browtist®.'

Author of books including "The Eyes Determine 90% of Beauty"

Message to visitors : 

Eyebrows, often said to determine 80% of the facial impression. Just by changing the eyebrows, you can make features like the eyes and nose more defined, create the illusion of a smaller face, and reduce the appearance of facial asymmetry. The entire face can look remarkably well-balanced. In this seminar, we'll introduce the eyebrow theory that can transform the face through eyebrows and the latest eyebrow makeup techniques.

As a special offering, all participants will receive an exclusive original resource (1 sheet) available only during this event.

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