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AJESTHE Special Seminar
Venue: Hall 6 Meeting room F Special Seminar Room
For members of the Aesthetic Association only / Free of charge / No pre-registration necessary / 70 seats

  • All sessions will be conducted in Japanese
  • Movies, photos, sound recordings are forbidden
  • Programme may alter

17 October (Tue)

The esthetician who expands clients' futures and possibilities through their skills and recommendations. To sustain this fulfilling career for the long run... I'll share the secrets behind running a personal salon solely through word of mouth and referrals for 38 years.

Recommended for : Esthetician

Instructor:Yumi Yoshida

  • Representative Director, L'Esprit de Sho Co.


Originally from Ehime Prefecture, after graduating from junior college, she worked as an instructor for various beauty-related companies. In 1987, she founded the esthetic salon "Les Pris de Sho." Grounded in the fundamental principles of traditional Chinese medicine's Yin and Yang theory, she emphasized techniques executed by human hands and dedicated themselves to pursuing originality. Currently, she conduct training and other activities online, focusing on guiding the next generation.

Business Seminar

Venue: Hall 5 Presentation Room A
Free of charge / No pre-registration necessary / 100 seats

  • All sessions will be conducted in Japanese
  • Movies, photos, sound recordings are forbidden
  • Programme may alter

18 October (Wed)

Laws Regulating Beauty-related Advertising encompass a wide range of legislation including the Act Against Unjustifiable Premiums and Misleading Representations, the Pharmaceutical Affairs Law, and the Act on Specified Commercial Transactions. Penalties for violations of these laws have been increasingly stringent each year. Recently, the Consumer Affairs Agency has been actively enforcing the Act Against Unjustifiable Premiums and Misleading Representations, including regulations on stealth marketing. Moreover, amendments to the Act have been passed to increase penalties and fine calculation rates. In this seminar, we will explain the latest developments and strategies to address these changes.

Recommended for : All industries

Instructor:Eiichiro Abe

  • Attorney at Law, Marunouchi Soleil Law Office

I lead the corporate legal field as an attorney and provide legal services to companies serving as their legal counsel. I am well-versed in rental and real estate disputes as well. I serve as a legal counsel for various companies and have been conducting numerous seminars on relevant regulations for businesses in the health and beauty industry in recent years. I also provide explanations on related laws and regulations through interviews from newspapers, magazines, and web media

Message to visitors : 

Have you ever struggled with how to express beauty-related products and services in advertisements? While advertising can significantly impact sales, it also carries the risk of administrative penalties that can have a profound effect on your business. Eliminating the risk of legal violations and crafting effective ad content can be challenging. From a legal perspective, this presentation will explain how to create impactful advertising expressions while avoiding legal pitfalls and risks.

Association's Seminars

Venue: Hall 5 Presentation Room B
Free of charge / No pre-registration necessary / 100 seats

  • All sessions will be conducted in Japanese
  • Movies, photos, sound recordings are forbidden
  • Programme may alter

17 October (Tue)

In June of this year, a hair removal salon in Osaka was referred for investigation due to "violation of the Medical Practitioners Act."
Do you know the reason for this? Incorrect selection of beauty equipment, inadequate staff training, and the owner's lack of knowledge and information contributed to this incident.
By examining this case, we'll consider what improvements can be made in your salon management to prevent similar incidents from occurring.

Recommended for : Salon owner and esthetician

Instructor:Hirotada Takahashi

  • Executive Director, NPO Japan Esthetic Organization / Administrative Scrivener

1994, joined an esthetic company and mainly worked in the field of human resources education.
Starting from 2008, joined the secretariat of the Japan Esthetic Apparatus Association. Became the Director of the secretariat in 2012.
Passed the Administrative Scrivener Examination in 2022.
Since July 2023, serves as a director and the head of the secretariat at the same organization.

Message to visitors : 

Not only for the owners of hair removal salons but also for all salon owners, it's possible that in the unfortunate event of an accident, even if it doesn't become a criminal case, you could be subject to significant compensation claims. Instead of attributing such incidents to 'bad luck' or 'mismanagement,' take this opportunity to uncover the truth. By doing so, you can establish a system that brings peace of mind to both your customers and staff members.

  • The beauty light hair removal promoted by the Japan Esthetic Promotion Council
  •   (Note: "Laser hair removal" performed by physicians and "beauty light hair removal" performed by esthetic salons are distinct practices.)
  •  Ensuring safety and peace of mind that technicians should be aware of
  •   "Certified Beauty Light Hair Removal Education and Training System" and "Conformity Assessment System"
  • Points to consider when selecting hair removal devices
  • Correct knowledge about pulsed light hair removal (SHR)

Recommended for : Salon owner and Esthetician

Instructor:Yoshihisa Ura

  • Chairperson, Beauty Light Committee, Japan Esthetic Industry Association
  • Chairperson, Beauty Light Depilation Committee, Japan Esthetic Promotion Council

<Japan Esthetic Industry Association>

This organization was established with the aim of providing salons with reliable commercial equipment that can be used with peace of mind and contributing to the healthy development of the esthetic industry through enhanced societal trust.

Message to visitors : 

In this seminar, we will provide explanations about 'Beauty Light Hair Removal' and the knowledge and information that salon owners would like to know. Additionally, during the exhibition period, the booths of the Japan Esthetic Industry Association and the Japan Esthetic Apparatus Association offer consultation sessions for those considering the purchase of beauty equipment. If you're uncertain about purchasing, please visit the booths of both organizations.

18 October (Wed)

In Instructor Chisato Hirenuma's technical demonstration, she will perform and explain the six fundamental techniques for the body exam. She will also introduce the points for passing the Esthetician Center Exam (written and technical assessment), which individuals with over 1 year of practical experience can take for obtaining the "Certified Esthetician Qualification" from various registered training organizations. Whether you are considering taking the exam or in a teaching role, please consider attending.
No advance reservation is required, it's free, but there is limited space available. Please come directly to the room.

Recommended for : Salon owner and Esthetician

Instructor : Hiroko Fujiwara / Naoko Kobayashi / Chisato Hirunuma


Hiroko Fujiwara

  • JEEC Vice President
  • AEA Board Member 

Naoko Kobayashi

  • President of JEEC / [AJESTHE]

Chisato Hirunuma            

  • ICAM JAPAN Board Member
  • Chairman of Education Committee

At JEEC (Japan Esthetic Examination Center, a Public Interest Incorporated Foundation), Hiroyo Fujiwara serves as Vice Director and Deputy Chair of the Examination System Operation Committee, while Chisato Hirenuma serves as Vice Chair. They are responsible for various activities within JEEC.

Message to visitors : 

To ensure that customers can receive treatments with peace of mind, the Japan Esthetic Apparatus Association (JEO) has published the 'Esthetician Guidelines' as a criterion for the necessary abilities of estheticians and their training. Based on these guidelines, examinations are conducted by various organizations that have received JEO certification. Aim to obtain the 'Certified Esthetician Qualification,' which can be achieved with one year or more of practical experience.

In 2001, there was a notice from the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare regarding violations of the Medical Practitioners Act related to light hair removal.
In 2017, the National Consumer Affairs Center issued a cautionary alert about HIFU devices. Salon owners must understand what is truly feasible in esthetic salons. With the correct understanding, you should have been able to question the manufacturer's claims.

Let's ensure that we acquire the correct knowledge and accurate information necessary for salon management ourselves!

Recommended for : Salon owner and Esthetician

Instructor:Yumiko Kusano

  • NPO Japan Esthetic Organization (JEO)
  • Salon Certification Advisor
  • CIDESCO International Esthetician

After working as an esthetician, managing a salon, and teaching at specialized schools, I've taken on the role of an examiner for the salon certification system based on the report by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry. Drawing from my practical experience in salon management and education of estheticians, I currently focus on conducting training for corporate leaders, providing operational guidance, and particularly emphasizing business education for small-scale salons. Leveraging the experience, I emphasize that obtaining salon certification is a shortcut to ensuring the stable management of small-scale salons. I'm actively involved as an advisor, contributing to the promotion of salon certification.

Message to visitors : 

Just as knowledge and skills are essential for esthetic care of the skin and body, the same applies to running an esthetic salon. In order to successfully manage a salon that pleases customers and thrives, we will provide a clear overview of the entire process of esthetic salon management.

For those who register with JEO on the day, we will present the 'Guidelines for Advertising Statements.' Limited to 50 attendees.

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