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Esthetic Stage Seminars

Venue: Hall 3 Esthetic stage 
Free of charge / No pre-registration necessary / 100 seats

  • All sessions will be conducted in Japanese
  • Movies, photos, sound recordings are forbidden
  • Programme may alter

16 October (Mon)

A new technique performed during the massage stage where the entire body is positioned sideways. In today's modern society where people spend prolonged periods sitting, many individuals experience lower back discomfort. There is an increasing number of clients who find the supine position burdensome. By lying on one's side, it becomes possible to provide thorough care from the back of the neck to the trapezius muscles, around the shoulder blades, and even down to the upper arms. This technique targets the oblique muscle group, sternocleidomastoid, and scalene muscles, aligning the facial contour, and offering a lifting effect that extends from the face to the head. It is a highly satisfying approach with an elevated sense of contentment

Recommended for:Esthetician

Instructor:Hidemi Morimasa

  • Director of Esthetic Morimasa (Professional Target School) 
  • CEO of Tourbion Co., Ltd. 
  • Instructor at Nouvelle Esthétique in France.

Ms. Morimasa offers courses in Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya, and Paris (now online), with worldwide participation. She developed techniques for Christian Dior at Paris's "Plaza Athénée" and has created resources like DVDs, books, and magazine features.

Message to Visitors :

This technique suits clients uncomfortable lying on their back or for longer sessions. While cleansing, equipment use, and masks usually occur with clients on their back, adjusting during treatment eases strain. It covers a wide area, visibly lifting and targets modern fatigue

2023 trends in femcare by a leading expert in femcare and natural beauty. Deepen your understanding of female hormones, sexuality, and learn approaches to proposing generation-specific femtech products.

Recommended for : all industries

Instructor:Minori Kitahara / Chiaki Yoshikawa


Minori Kitahara

  • CEO of Ajuma Co., Ltd. / Author

The CEO of Ajuma Co., Ltd., who popularized femcare items in Japan. She operates the shop 'Love Peace Club,' which promotes female sexuality in a positive light. Author of numerous books including 'Feminism in Japan'

Chiaki Yoshikawa

  • Beauty Expert / Menopause Counselor

A natural beauty pioneer, she's led organic cosmetics and botanical beauty in Japan since the '90s via spas, herbal stores, and menopause counseling.

Message to Visitors : 

Experts in female hormones and femcare, Chiaki Yoshikawa and Minori Kitahara, discuss upcoming trends in femcare and femtech. They delve into deepening knowledge about women's health influenced by hormones, propose new femcare and femtech for beauty-conscious women, and explore the potential of pleasure goods.


Part1    Accident Case Studies and Treatment Risks with HIFU (High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound) 

             Instructor : Norikazu Fuchino

             Assistant Director, Accident Investigation Unit, Consumer Safety Division, Consumer Affairs Agency 

Part2   Toward the Development of a Secure, Safe, and High-Quality Aesthetic Industry

   Instructor :  Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, Commerce and Service Group, Healthcare Industry Division

Recommended for : Salon Owners and Estheticians

Message to visitors : 

Based on the Accident Investigation Report regarding 'Incidents Involving Accidents with HIFU (High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound) at Esthetic Salons' published by the Consumer Safety Investigation Committee on March 29, 2023, we will provide explanations about case studies related to accidents. Additionally, the Healthcare Industry Division of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry will offer insights towards the secure and high-quality development of the esthetics industry.

Urban or rural, unlock salon success! Get booked months ahead with zero ads, achieve high revenue. Learn 3 simple methods for instant transformation. Your salon's success starts tomorrow!

Recommended for : Salon Owners

Instructor:Kana Oishi

  • CEO of La Beaute Co., Ltd. 
  • A consultant for individual salon management, leading an online business school for entrepreneurs. 
  • With 20 years of experience as an esthetician

After leaving a big salon chain, she overcame challenges, starting her own home salon in a 10.5 square meters room. In 14 years, she mastered ad-free client attraction, mentoring solopreneurs nationwide through online videos. Her guidance turned empty schedules into booked appointments, achieving 1 million yen/month revenue within months. Social media savvy

Message to Visitors :

Do you know that simply honing your skills or acquiring the latest equipment won't guarantee a thriving salon? What you truly need is salon management expertise! We'll only discuss what you can apply in your salon work from tomorrow onwards. If you want to increase revenue, attract more customers, or make a change, we look forward to your attendance!

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, a branch of Oriental medicine, a woman's body experiences shifts every seven years. Modern femcare addresses these changes, developing experiential methods.

I'll introduce easy acupressure and actionable treatments, starting tomorrow. We'll target 'menstrual irregularities' through a Chinese medicine perspective

Recommended for : Estheticain

Instructor : Kozue Orihashi

  • Representative Director of The Association for Eesthetic Acupuncture Skill Education
  • President of The Society of Esthetic Acupuncture Bishinkai
  • Adjunct Instructor at Japan Medical Orthopedic Acupuncture School

A pioneer in combining esthetics and acupuncture, she's a prominent advocate of holistic esthetic acupuncture. Specializing in women's health and beauty, she crafts personalized treatments that align with their well-being throughout various life stages. Her work highlights clients' natural beauty and underscores the significance of nurturing both physical and mental health for a fulfilling life. Her acclaimed series of esthetic acupuncture books comprises four volumes, boasting over 10,000 copies sold, making it a cornerstone for acupuncture practitioners.

Message to Visitors :

I specialize in caring for women's well-being throughout their lifecycle using Traditional Chinese Medicine.

In this session, I'll tackle menstrual irregularities, addressing women's unique concerns. I'll cover 'early menstruation,' 'delayed menstruation,' and 'irregular menstruation,' and introduce accessible acupressure techniques and treatment integration. If you're interested in Traditional Chinese Medicine, join us at the event.

17 October (Tue)

  • Obtaining 10 million yen without the need for repayment even for individual salons
  • Applying for grants to receive subsidies for equipment purchased at bwj venue
  • Most salons qualify for grant eligibility
  • Case studies of salons utilizing grants
  • Top 3 grants and subsidies utilizable for salons
  • Hassle-free application with expert support
  • etc


Instructor : Kazunari Ujihara

  • Beauty Consultant
  • Salon Grants and Subsidies Supporter

As a consultant specialized in areas including client attraction, retention, sales, staff development, techniques, and management, I have a track record of achieving revenue growth of over 10 times. I provide essential expertise for success in the salon industry. I assist struggling salons during the pandemic by utilizing grants and subsidies for a V-shaped recovery. I also support new business ventures through grants. My support extends from small solo salons to large enterprises. I have a history of numerous speaking engagements and authored books.

Message to Visitors :

When introducing new equipment or services through BWJ, it's common to resort to loans from financial institutions that require repayments. Apart from that, there are opportunities to utilize grants and subsidies that don't need to be repaid. However, many salons might not be aware of the eligible grants or find the application process cumbersome, leading to giving up on these options. Surprisingly, it's quite easy to acquire substantial grants, and I will provide an explanation on how to do so.

Wishing to Gather New Clients but Ending Up with Coupon Users, Zero Customers Despite Daily SNS Efforts - Struggles with Client Acquisition Persist. However, Leveraging ChatGPT and Other AI Technologies Can Dramatically Transform Traditional Client Acquisition Methods and Attract Desired Customers Only!

  • Harnessing AI for SNS and Marketing Sites
  • Time-Efficient! Let AI Handle Videos, Images, and Texts that Resonate with Clients
  • Shifting from Keyword Searches to AI-Assisted Inquiries
  • Top 3 AI Client Acquisition Tools for Salons and More

Instructor:Kazunari Ujihara

  • Beauty Consultant
  • Salon Grants and Subsidies Supporter

As a consultant specializing in various aspects (client attraction, customer retention, sales, staff development, techniques, and management), I have a track record of boosting revenues by over 10 times. An expert providing essential know-how for success in the salon industry. I assist struggling salons during the pandemic by utilizing grants and subsidies for a V-shaped recovery. I also support new business ventures through grants. My support extends from small solo salons to large enterprises. Numerous speaking engagements and authored books.


Message to visitors : 

The trending Artificial Intelligence ChatGPT. When it comes to wanting to increase new customers from the internet and social media, achieving this is now possible with the help of the intelligent mind of ChatGPT and other AI technologies. We will share the concrete methods for doing so. Furthermore, as the way people search for businesses is changing significantly in the near future, we will also discuss preparations you can make from now on. Be sure to join us at the venue!

Korean and Chinese cosmetics are no longer just passing trends; they have become staples in the Japanese market and are even shaping the mainstream. For the advancement of J-Beauty, it's important to analyze the strength underlying the Korean and Chinese cosmetics beyond their trend status. In this presentation, we will provide a clear understanding of the latest trends in Korean and Chinese cosmetics, as well as keywords that those in the beauty industry should be aware of.

Recommended for : Retail and Import Businesses

Instructor:Asami Iida

  • Executive Officer at Trenders Co., Ltd. ampule Division
  • Editor-in-Chief of ampule magazine

Active for approximately 7 years as a planner primarily in the beauty industry. After serving as a director at MimiTV, founded ampule in 2021. Engaged extensively in beauty trend analysis and planning, covering a wide range of activities.

Message to visitors:

We are delighted to have the opportunity to meet with everyone in Osaka following the success of Beauty World Japan Tokyo. We have upgraded the well-received presentation from Tokyo and expanded it to cover not only the latest beauty trends in Korea but also in China. If you're interested in grasping not only Japan's but also the world's next beauty trends, we warmly invite you to join us.


At our clinic, we offer lifestyle guidance based on 'Blood Nutrient Analysis.' Given that Vitamin D deficiency increases cancer mortality by 1.7 times, we introduce supplements and UV machines. Similarly, EPA deficiency leads to a 1.93 times increase in cancer mortality, so we recommend krill oil. Carbohydrate restriction is effective for weight loss, with over 3kg reduction possible in just 3 months. We will introduce simple and quick beauty and wellness methods that yield immediate results.


Recommended for : All industries

Instructor:Yoshinori Nagumo

  • Dr. Nagumo Clinic Director. 
  • Born in 1955. 
  • Graduated from Jikei University School of Medicine. Specialized in breast care, holds a doctorate in medicine.

As the Chief Director of the Nagumo Clinic specializing in breast care, practices in Tokyo, Nagoya, Osaka, and Fukuoka. Alongside, author of multiple best-selling books on anti-aging and weight loss. Maintains a busy schedule with television appearances and lectures. In recent years, advocates for 'Life-saving Diet,' a dietary and lifestyle approach to save cancer patients' lives. Serves as a visiting professor and part-time lecturer at medical universities both domestically and internationally

Message to visitors : 

When providing lifestyle guidance to clients, I utilize the '3-3-3 Rule.' If a method leads to discomfort within 3 days, it indicates safety concerns. If results aren't evident within 3 weeks, effectiveness might be in question. If a strategy doesn't last for 3 months, sustainability could be an issue. Adhering to this rule can contribute to an increase in repeat customers.

The body that retains excess water is referred to as 'water toxicity.' The stagnated water that should be eliminated can cause various issues such as edema, cellulite, coldness, dizziness, and digestive problems. In salon work, it can hinder the effectiveness and become the cause of recurring vague complaints. In this lecture, I will introduce the acupressure point technique 'Acu-Technique' that incorporates acupressure points used in meridian therapy into massage, aiming to alleviate water toxicity.

Recommended for : Estheticians

Instructor:Shoko Oyama

  • Consultant at Excess Japan Co., Ltd.
  • Licensed Acupuncturist and Massage Therapist
  • International Gold Master of INFA International Esthetic Federation
  • Director of Shokou School

After university graduation, obtained an international license in esthetics and a license as an acupuncturist and massage therapist. Introduced oriental medicine into esthetics and advocated a holistic approach to beauty.

Conducted numerous lecture activities at NHK Culture Schools nationwide, focusing on topics such as 'Female Hormones' and 'Gut Beauty Power.' Authored books include 'Body Improvement Classroom for Men and Women,' 'The Recommendation of Slow Lotus' (published by Nishi-Nippon Shimbun Co.), and 'Detox Your Body Through Your Intestines! Beautiful Skin Diet' (published by Shufu no Tomo Sha)."

Message to visitors : 

With the body being composed of 70% water, controlling water metabolism is a crucial factor in salon work. If you sense the presence of stagnant water in your clients' faces or bodies, I encourage you to incorporate the power of acupressure points. Techniques involving acupressure points that can regulate the circulation of the heart, blood, and lymph will undoubtedly be beneficial. Please do stop by and visit us.

18 October (Wed)

From the Same Source as Good Food. To achieve health and beauty, it's important to make changes from the inside out. In other words, paying attention to what we eat is crucial. Food doesn't just impact the body, but also mental health. I will explain with specific examples how food products are being highlighted overseas for stress management, quality sleep, femcare, gut health, and more.

Recommended for : Retail/Trading company

Instructor:Kenzo Sawamura

  • TNC Global Food Analyst

Engaged in a wide range of overseas research, marketing, and product development activities, primarily centered around the 'Lifestyle Researcher' network consisting of over 600 Japanese women in 70 countries and 100 regions worldwide. With experience visiting approximately 50 countries, I leverage this background to contribute as a seminar and workshop speaker on various themes related to food and beverages. Mainly focused on overseas food trends, traditional and regional cuisine, among other topics.

Message to visitors :

The relationship between beauty and food is becoming increasingly blurred. This highlights the significant commonalities between the two. Even within Japan, collaborations between major retailers and cosmetic manufacturers have led to the creation of new products. It's important to proactively grasp the overseas trends that will eventually influence the Japanese market and leverage them to benefit your own business.

If the Flow of Lymph Changes, Your Life's Flow Changes! World-renowned therapist Takuto Kawakami and lymph specialist Ms. Ai will teach you the most effective methods of lymphatic drainage to achieve better results. Learn the knowledge of anatomy and physiology and how to apply it to significantly increase repeat bookings! In the practical session, you'll receive instruction on the treatment skills that yield results. Let's learn how to incorporate 'Lymphatic Drainage' easily and effectively.

Recommended for : Esthetician


Instructor:The world's top therapist Takuto Kawakami

  • (International Therapy Association) / (Prorium Co., Ltd.)
  • 【MEILLEUR SPA PRATICIEN INTERNATIONAL FRANCE 2019】Champion ※ World's Best Therapist Competition in France

Overcoming numerous challenges as a male therapist, he achieved victory at the "World's Best Therapist Competition" held in Paris, France, under the goal of "Healing the World." With over 230,000 subscribers on his YouTube channel, he reaches professionals worldwide.

Instructor:Ms. Ai

  • Lymphatic therapist 

With over 900,000 total followers, including 750,000 on YouTube, "Lymphatic Massage Specialist" holds a recognized medical national qualification and boasts a record of performing 30,000 treatments.

Message to visitors : 

Ladies and gentlemen,

Thank you for joining this seminar. My goal is not only to elevate your technical skills but also to transform your mindset towards treatments, becoming a catalyst for positive changes in your lives. I am committed to delivering this presentation with all my energy. Let's heal the world together! Thank you very much.

For those who have confidence in their skills but struggle with consistent customer flow, for those who want clients to experience their care even at home but find retail sales stagnant... for those who are somewhat satisfied but want to take that extra step... if you're unsure of what to do next, I'm here to help. Today, I'll share practical "stand out from the crowd" strategies that you can implement right away. Learn the art of hospitality, effective counseling techniques, and the psychology of purchasing to create a happy experience for both your clients and your salon. Join me for an enjoyable 50 minutes of learning.

Recommended for : Esthetician

Instructor:Asami Seto

  • Beauty Expert
  • Beauty School Instructor

After working as a top-selling beauty consultant for a foreign cosmetics company in the Asia region, they later provided support for salon operations at Recruit Hot Pepper Beauty. Currently known as "Mami-sama," they are active as a beauty expert through event appearances and media involvement. They engage in various activities, including authoring books and developing products such as makeup brushes and bath items that enhance daily life. Their hobbies include maintaining physical fitness through personal training sessions twice a week, segmented muscle training, and focusing on calculating the protein, fat, and carbohydrate balance in their meals.

Messaget to visitors :

"To all the attendees at BWO... Finally, it is I, Masumi Seto, also known as Mami-sama, who shares the same vision of beauty with all of you. As a business owner myself, I have prepared a seminar that will provide you with insights that can be immediately applied and will also uplift your spirits.

Feel free to ask questions during the seminar as well; please come in with a relaxed mindset.

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